Andrea T Barbiero

Andrea T Barbiero portrayed by David Hatters Part 1 He is Andrea, but for me he is Turbo. He is an amazing artist. I would define him as a multifaceted friend, an all-round artist. Both for what he creates, and for how he lives. I’ve known him for a while, but only recently have I […]


Social media campaign for Zancan Gioielli Photographed by David Hatters Talents : Adrian Chabada & Guillaume St Michel Produced by Alessandro Khalder @ Khalder Productions Styling Erika Guerrisi Make-up artist Martina Bellinato

My self

Portrait of my self At the end of my body’s study path, as described in the previous photographs, I wanted to try to turn around, to photograph myself in front. I wanted to finish with a portrait. It was strange, but I did it. Especially for the choice to make it public, such an intimate […]

Study of my body

During the quarantine period, what was a world made up of people working together, on set, each with his specific task, which was used to compose the puzzle of the final photograph, could not exist. What existed was emptiness. The only company you could have, was yourself. Confined in your house. For someone like me, […]