Study of my body

During the quarantine period, what was a world made up of people working together, on set, each with his specific task, which was used to compose the puzzle of the final photograph, could not exist. What existed was emptiness. The only company you could have, was yourself. Confined in your house. For someone like me, used to being behind the lens and not in front, used to having someone to portray and interact with, the first few days have been strange, very strange. I wanted to photograph people, but who? And for the first time, I had the courage to try it on myself. I speak of courage precisely because I hardly ever took a picture of myself, I take photographs of others. Furthermore, I am not a model, I don’t want to be a model, my body is not perfect, it’s just normal, so the only result was to try to investigate my body, studying its shapes and poses, starting from the part I never see, my back. I didn’t want to take a self-portrait, I wanted to understand myself. And I found out that it’s a strange feeling, positively and particularly strange feeling. .